Sunday, March 29, 2015

BFA 3, 2014 CalArts Film

Thought it was time to finally post my BFA 3, 2014 Film here.

I did a bit of animation and editing over summer so it's a little different from Open Show. I got to work with some great people while I put this film together!

Thanks to my composer and sound designer Tyler Vander Maas and thanks to his musicians, Clarice Cast, Evan Montgomery, Sarah Reid, and Yu-Ting Wu! Thanks to all my voice actors Eva Sinotte, Katie Rediger, Gyasi Silas, Alexander Demers, Ernie Long, and Craig Gibson! Also a big thanks to Marc Cashman for introducing me to his Voice Over class!

Premise: Two monsters see a green light in another village and skip school to see what it is.

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